About the ASA East Midland Region

The East Midland Region is made up of the five counties, Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire,  Nottinghamshire, and Northamptonshire. Together the East Midlands Management Board and the East Midlands Regional team will be collectively responsible for managing and developing swimming and all associated aquatic disciplines within this region.

The Chairman will lead the board to manage the delivery of regional strategies in seeking funding initiatives and partners to ensure this can be achieved successfully.

East Midland Management Board

President Joanne Highfield  
President Elect  Ron Brewin  
Chairman John Hidle Email John
Finance Manager Deborah Dean Email Deborah
Elected Member to the Board Duane Rae-Mclean  
Elected Member to the Board Lenka Tanner  
Appointee to the ASA Sports Governing Board Brian Collis  



County Representatives to the Management Board

Derbyshire Doug Whitlam Email Doug
Leicestershire Ursula Beck Email Ursula
Lincolnshire Dave Hendel  Email Dave
Northamptonshire Terry Bream  
Nottinghamshire Wendy Coles Email Wendy

Good Governance

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