Regional Training Centres (RTC)

If you are a club level junior water polo player and would like to develop your skill further why not come for a trial at the Regional Training Centre (RTC)?

The Regional Training Centre (RTC) follows the “Player Pathway”, a national Programme for long term athlete development in Water Polo.  The focus of the RTC is on the skills and techniques the players will require to play Water Polo at higher standard.  As part of a national Programme the RTC helps to develop players from club level Water Polo to the standard required for the National Squad.
The sessions are at Djanogly Pool, Nottingham on Fridays from 8.30 to 10.00 and are by invite only, please speak to your club coach or Sarah Dunsbee if you think you may be eligible for a trial.
Please contact Sarah Dunsbee ( for details.

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