Grant Aid

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Grant Aid Application Guide

Step-By-Step Procedure

  1. Download Application Form
  2. Complete Relevant Application Form
  3. Return the form in the post to ASA Central Divisional Office once the course is complete and form signed.
  4. Grant Aid paid to applicants club

General Information

Funding is available for UKCC Level 1 and Level 2 Coach Education Courses for Diving, Swimming, Synchronised Swimming & Water Polo, UKCC Level 3 Coach Education Courses for Swimming. On receipt of the completed application form, your application will be assessed for eligibility. Successful applicants will then receive Notification of the Grant to be awarded by email.

On completion of the relevant form the candidate will have chosen whether to apply for additional sources of funding through the County ASA. The Region will forward this form to the relevant parties on behalf of the individual candidate.

When the course has been completed, you will need to send the completed ‘Grant Aid application form’ back to the ASA Central Divisional Office, with a receipt for the course fee attached and signed by the course tutor.

When this is received and has been processed, your club will receive a cheque or BACS payment for the agreed amount directly from the ASA East Midland Region. For your information, the cheque will be made payable to the club, not the individual.


Qualification and Discipline

Grant Aid subsidy available per candidate:

Course Level swim21 Club
UKCC Level One £80
UKCC Level Two £160
UKCC Level Three £400

Please Note as of the 1st April 2011 Grant Aid will only be available to swim21 Clubs

Note: All grants are paid to clubs through the club secretary. No grant aid funds are paid directly to applicants. Where an applicant has paid her/his own fees, the club is responsible for passing on the fees to the individual(s)
Please note, the amounts of funding stated above, only apply to FULL courses.

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