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On this page you will find information and guidance about clubs’ and members’ responsibility towards children and young people in the sport.

It is very important that everyone participating in our sport does all they can to ensure the welfare of children and young people in clubs. 

On this page you will find information on child safeguarding, including all Wavepower documentation, updates and associated information together with updates on the Vetting and Barring Scheme that came into force in October 2009.

 Wavepower 2009/11 – ASA’s Child Safeguarding Policy and Procedures

Wavepower 2009/11 is the ASA’s Child Safeguarding Policy and Procedures manual folder and replaces all previous ASA Child Protection Policies and Procedures documents. 

All ASA affiliated clubs and organisations should adopt and implement the Policies and Procedures contained in this manual folder. It contains mandatory requirements, practical information and good practice guidance all in one place.

It is to be used by club officers, club members, parents, children and all those who work with young members so that everyone involved in the sport can play their part in safeguarding children and young people.

The document will be fully updated during 2012 but in the meantime if changes in policy or new child safeguarding guidance become available, new pages will be added to this section of the website.  The ASA welcomes all feedback on the document. Click here to send the ASA your views.

Wavepower 2009/11 Child Safeguarding Policy Amendments

Confirmation of Commitment Form Template amendment October 2009
Information Sheet for Clubs August 2010

Wavepower 2009/11 Associated documents

Under this section will find useful information and documents complementing Wavepower 2009/11:

Shared Facilities Guidance - clubs are advised to ensure that parents are made aware that changing facilities at venues may be shared by both club members and members of the general public. Adults accompanying children to venues where facilities are shared by members of the general public may choose to remain by the changing area whilst the children change to ensure their well being. Event organisers are requested to advise competitors (via the meet information) if the facilities are likely to be open to the general public at any time during the meet.

The Signposting Document

This is guidance for club members who feel there is a problem with their club. Whatever your problem, download this documenthere to ensure you find the right person to help you find a solution.