ASA North West Region (Winter) Championships

The Regional Championships are organised by the Regional Event Management Group.

The 2016 Regional Short Course Winter Championships will be held at the Liverpool Aquatics Centre on Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th November 2016

Points to note

  1. The closing date for entries will be Monday 10th October 2016
  2. At the 2016 regional summer championships there were a number of fines imposed for swimmers who did not withdraw and then did not swim;  any swimmer who has an outstanding fine from that competition will not be accepted for the winter championships until any outstanding fine has been paid
  3. Para swimmers with classifications 1 to 14 will be accepted. A swimmer with any other classification must enter as a main stream competitor
  4. The qualifying period is October 10th 2015 to October 10th 2016; times must have been achieved at a level 1, 2 or 3 meet
  5. Payment of entry fees can be via cheque or BACS payment but evidence of any electronic transfer will be required to aid the reconciliation of payments
  6. There will be a different withdrawal procedure for finals:
    Finalists and reserves who do not intend to compete in a final must withdraw no later than 15 minutes after the announcement of the finalists for the event - this is same as in recent competitions. However, reserve finalists will be released once the start lists for the finals session has been published i.e. they do not need to report for marshalling for their final, but they may do so if they wish (to fill any withdrawal at short notice).
Click here for the Entry Pack (issue 2, revised 27/8/16 - typos corrected)
Sportsystems Entry File is now available. If you have any difficulty downloading this file (Internet Explorer 11 and Microsoft Edge are a problem, but Firefox and Chrome browsers are not) email for a copy.