Behind the Lanes (ASA TSC - Newsletter)

The ASA Tehnical Swimming Committee have produced a newsletter for the members.

Welcome to first edition of Between the Lanes.

Between the Lanes is the official ASA swimming newsletter which will be published every quarter withup-to-date news, committee decisions and other useful information.

It also gives clubs, counties and regions the opportunity to share their achievements with others. If you have an achievement that you would like to share with the swimming community please email:


The committee hope that this newsletter, along with regular updates to regional and county swimming managers will improve communications across the swimming community.



The ASA Technical Swimming Committee Members

Andrew Marvin - Chair

Kay Grimshaw - ASA Board liaison to the ASA TSC

Brian McGuinness - BSCA

Neil Booth - Workforce Development Manager

Barry Saunders - Competition Manager

Nick Juba - Athlete Development Manager

Nick Sellwood - ASA Head of Talent Development

Gemma Ryder - Committee Administrator


The committee is pleased to welcome Ashleigh Scott as the new Communications and PR Manager. Ashleigh will continue to sit on the Youth Forum and we are sure she will be a valuable asset to the committee. Ashleigh is a swimmer based in the East Midlands' and has a degree in Journalism.


All minutes from the ASA Technical swimming committee meetings are downloadable from


If you have any queries for the ASA Technical Swimming Committee please contact


Dual recognition abolished
Dual recognition has been abolished, this decision, made in agreement with the ASA membership working party has been put into place after dual recognition status going unused in many clubs.

Level 4 licensing expantion   

Level 4 licensing has been expanded to allow individual clubs to team up when holding an event. As of 1st September 2011 the levy payable to the Region for Level 4 Meets, involving more than one club, is 15p per swim. Level 4 Meets promoted by a club, only for its own members, still attract a yearly fee of £25. The aim is to ensure a high quality event with a set standard of officials throughout the country.   It has been noted that there has been comments around how some clubs run their open meets. It is critical that the standards and guidelines are followed. The committee confirmed, that failure of clubs to follow guidelines could result in licenses being withdrawn.

Senior ASA National Championships dates reviewed 

Senior ASA National Championships - it has been recognised that these championships are held at an inconvenient time for some competitors due to exams. The committee will be working with the BSCA and British Swimming to review the dates for these championships for 2013 going forward.

LTAD review underway   

During 2011, a review of the current national competitions in England was carried out. This appraisal has led to a much wider LTAD review. Some changes have been made to the national competition ages and structure, which have been highlighted previously on One of the key changes is the introduction of a 19 and over competition alongside the ASA National Youth Championships. This is due to take place in 2012 owing to the condensing of the competition calendar in a home Olympic year. Another important change would be to bring parity to male and female age groupings, in line with education structures in the UK. Consequently 14 year old girls will compete in the age group championships and more relay teams will qualify for the age and youth championships. These changes were introduced to try and make sure swimmers were given an opportunity to compete and to reduce the number of swimmers disenfranchised from the sport whilst maintaining the high standard expected from a national championships.


A working group consisting of representatives from the ASA, SASA, WASA, BSCA & British Swimming are in the process of undertaking a review of Long Term Athlete development. Once the basic review is underway, a review of BAGCAT's, CDC and competition structures in general will be commenced. Once the review(s) are complete, we will communicate any findings via this newsletter as well as via Regional Swimming Managers.

Management of open water swimming   

Due to previous events, a review of Open water mass participation events has been undertaken. This has been created in conjunction with the committee, Health and Safety forum amongst other organisations. This guidance document can be downloaded from

The committee is keen to see more swimmers taking part in Open Water competitions. Regional open water managers have finalised the events for 2012, this is an ideal opportunity for long distance pool swimmers to undertake a new challenge. 


TM Yeadon Trophy  

The TM Yeadon Trophy - the committee awarded this trophy to Ms Fran Halsall.

The Big Splash  

The Big Splash is an event run by the ASA alongside local pool operators and the BBC. The aim of this campaign is to raise the profile of aquatic sport through increased participation. The Big Splash will culminate in a mass participation event on the 28th and 29th April 2012 in over 750 pools nationwide. The ASA would like to see clubs and counties taking this opportunity to liase with their local pools in an effort to increase membership. For further information, please

Talent camps continue  

Talent Camps continue across the regions and nationally, managed by the English Talent Team. Our Sport England Key Performance Indicators have been surpassed in England for Talent Development and this is a credit to the Talent Team, coaches and swimmers up and down the country. As a sport, we are proud that our programmes are held in high regard by other sports. To ensure we continue to strive to be the best, Nick Juba is looking at our Talent Programme and his review of Strengths and Weakness will be provided to the committee later in 2012.

Positive response to Zonal Meets 

Zonal Meets are to continue up to and including 2013. 2011 was their first year and on the whole, we have had a very positive response. QT's and consideration times have been amended for the 2012 competitions. As well as an opportunity to qualify for the British Swimming Championships in March, the Zonal meets are also to be used as a qualifier for National Youth Championships relay teams. This has been done to help those swimmers that cannot attend their Youth Regional Championships, due to the UK School Games in London later this year.  

Licensed Officials 

A lot of work is underway ensuring we increase the numbers of licensed officials. Licensing is critical to ensure we have officials with the latest information on our poolsides. Neil Booth is managing this work with his colleagues in the regions.