Diving in the ASA North West Region

Diving has grown a lot over the past 100 years from plain dives on the poolside to forward 4 1/4 summersaults from 10 metre boards.  Diving in the North West Region hope to make strides forward over the next few years.

Diving is split into two sectors, Springboard Diving which is performed from etiher the 1 metre or 3 metre boards and Highboard Diving which is performed from either the 5 metre, 7.5 metre or 10 metre boards, but only 10 metres is used in major competitions.

Divers start at Novice Level where they perform simple skills from the poolside and lower springboards, as the children progress they learn more dives and move up to Skills Level.  At Skills Level divers can compete at national level for the first time, if they qualify at regional competitions they go into the National Skills Finals.  When a diver has learnt more complicated dives and started to use the higher springboard and platforms they will move up to Age Group Level, they then aim to qualify at regional competitions to compete at the National Age Group Finals.  Progressing from Age Group Level the diver will move up to Junior/Senior Elite Level (depending on their age) this is where the divers begin to compete on an International Level.

By no means do you need to be a tiny tot to start diving, there is a strong adult sub group within the sport, called Masters Diving.  Again an adult would start off at Novice Level performing simple skills from the lower springboards and as they progress they move up to Full Masters level where they have a choice to perform skills from the higher springboards and platforms.  At Full Masters level, any adult diver over 25 years who has the appropriate dives can compete on an International Level at European masters, World Masters or the World Masters Games.

The ASA North West Region Diving Management Group have a working partnership with Peter Waterfield.  Peter Waterfield is one of the most succesful British divers in history, having won medals at every major international competition.  :For more information on Peter click here


For more information on Diving in the region contact the Regional Diving Manager:-

Name E-Mail Phone
Carlos Ferra ferra@hotmail.co.uk 07772 334039

There are 3 clubs within the region who promote the sport of Diving

Bury Dragons Diving Club Janet Ward (Secretary 0161 371 8110

Bury Dragons Diving Club is based in Bury, Greater Manchester.  The club operates out of Castle Leisure Centre.  The pool has has 2 x 1 metre springboards; 1 x 1 metre platform; 1 x 3 metre springobard and 1 x 5 metre platform.  They offer all levels of diving upto competitive level

Oldham Diving Club Geoff Eccles(Secretary 0161 797 0107

Oldham Diving Club is based in Oldham, Greater Manchester.  The club operates out of Oldham Sports Centre, Lord Street.  The pool has 2 x 1 springboards; 1 x 3 metre springboard;  the platofmr is currently out of action.  They offer all levels of diving upto competitive level.

Liverpool Diving Club

West Kirby Diving Club

Danny Wood (Head Coach) dannydiving@live.co.uk

West Kirby Diving Club is based in West Kirby, Merseyside.