Officials - Personal Contact Details

At the turn of the year you should have been contacted by the ASA to ask how you wanted your personal details retained and disseminated. This has left the ASA with information about who wants their details on web sites, in hand books or not disseminated further.

In an effort to further protect individual’s personal details, provide meet organisers with the access to the most up to date and accurate “officials lists” and to help meet organisers to source officials for their meet a web based e-mail invite system has been developed.

In essence when an individual is asked to source technical officials for a meet, be that at County or club level, they can use the site to enter the meet details, mileage/expenses rates, uniform requirements etc. After these parameters have been set they can then select the individuals that they
wish to invite to the meet based on distance from the venue, qualification (Timekeeper, J1, J2, J2(s) or Referee), licensed or unlicensed and so on. Having made their selection the system will then generate and e-mail and send it to the selected recipients, inviting them to the event.

One of the major features of this system is that, at no time during this process will the personal details of the technical official(s) be visible to meet organiser, all they will be able to see is name,qualification, licensed or not and distance they live from the venue. Nor will those who have opted out of having their details disseminated as a result of their choices in reply to the ASA letter, or license application form be included in the data base that drives the system.

Should you be invited to a meet using this system, then you should do the following.

In the body of the e-mail invitation there will be a link to the web-site, however so you can have a look around the site the address is

To log on. Your user name is your ASA Membership Number. Then if you click on the forgotten password button you will be e-mailed (to the address on file) a password, which can then be changed after you have logged on if you wish.

Once logged on, you will then see the meet(s) that you have been invited to.

In order to reply to the official’s organiser for that meet, you need to “set your status”, this is done byselecting your availability option from the drop down box and clicking on the set my status button. If the meet is over a number of days or has multiple sessions then you may need to set your status for each. But don’t worry it takes a matter of seconds! If your circumstances change prior to the meet then you can change your status using the edit button at the side of your meets list.

Once you have done this, that’s it! In order that you can have a go a dummy meet has

been set up, so once you are logged in you will have at least one meet to play

with and see what is displayed. The meet is called Example Meet and is on

Christmas Day – This is not a real meet

The meet organiser will be able to see who has replied and who hasn’t as yet via the “meets homepage”, but as a further failsafe the meet organiser will only be able to send out a total of three requestsat set intervals before the meet, so you won’t be mithered.

In order for this system to work it needs two things firstly your support, it’s new so there will be the inevitable settling in period whilst people get used to how it works. However I am sure once it’s up and running fully with everyone’s support the life of the official organiser will be a great deal simpler and for those of you that have had this thankless task in the past that has to be a good thing. Secondly the system needs to know you current e-mail address, so please ensure that you have supplied you latest address. You can update your details including preferences about visibility to gala organizers by clicking on the “Edit yourname Details” link at the top right hand side of the site. Please note: in order to function the website only requires your Name, postcode and email address, if you wish to provide emergency contact details and your contact phone numbers that would be appreciated. Thereis no need to provide data of birth or postal address.

As you may have gathered, this message will only have reached people with valid emails addresses on the ASA database. We would appreciate your help in passing on this information to other officials in passing, if you find that they have not received a copy can you point them in the direction of the website and explain what it's about. If they could then contact us via the contact us page of the site we will endeavour to provide access to the facility.