Swim England North West is dedicated to promoting competitive swimming for swimmers of all recognised disabilities across the North West.

We are constantly striving to increase the opportunities for disabled people to take part in the UK's most popular indoor sport.

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Classification is the grouping of athletes in a sport to ensure there is a fair playing field and in disability swimming this breaks down into two main forms: Functional and Disability Specific classification. Click here for further details

Certificate of Disability Swimming

A number of swimmers have impairments that prevent them from competing against able bodied competitors.

The purpose of the certificate is to ensure that disabled competitors do not get disqualified for performing a stroke incorrectly due to their disability and who:

Have not yet been classified
Do not wish to undergo classification
Do not fit the Functional Classification System
Certification will only be given to swimmers who are ASA/SASA/WASA members with a permanent disability and not to swimmers suffering from a short term incapacity.

The certificate is valid for 2 years and will need to be reapplied for.

To obtain a certificate a swimmer should download the application form and return to the address stated along with a record of the problem and proof of the disability from a physiotherapist, GP or hospital consultant.

A laminated certificate will then be issued for presentation to the referee before the start of a race.

Click Here to download the Certificate of Disability Swimming Application Form