Synchronised Swimming in the ASA North West Region

Synchronised swimming is a growing sport in this country with the number of swimmers and clubs involved increasing nationally.

Competitive synchro swimmers must be extremely fit, and completely at home in the water. Synchro swimmers rank highly in aerobic capacity and flexibility second to only long distance athletes and gymnasts respectively. They must be strong, yet graceful, interested in music sufficiently to be able to choose and interpret pieces of routines and have stamina and determination.

Swimmers can work with partners for duets for routines or in teams of 4 and 8 swimmers perfecting movements, developing the choreography of the routines, along with training with speed swimmers and land work.

There are clubs in the region that promote the sport of Synchronised Swimming

See below for details of the Club Secretaries

City of Preston Aquatics Mrs. P. Haworth 01772 745091
City of Salford Ms J. Fletcher 07794 954892
Kendal Mr. K. Swallow 01539 738357
Stockport Mrs. M. Stones 0161 428 9386
Southport Mr. H. Hawkins 01704 226051
Traffford Synchro Club Mrs. K. Howard 0161 282 5037