Water Polo Management Group

Water Polo Management Group


Role Name Contact
Manager Joanne Mountfield jo@johnmccall.co.uk
Board Liaison Julie Allsopp swimnorthwest@swimming.org
NWR Aquatic Officer Liaison Lorna Postlethwaite lorna.postlethwaite@swimming.org
Referees Dr Alan Boyle  
Table officials Mike Hesketh  
Coach representative Zak Sly zaksly@googlemail.com


Role                                                Name Contact
SNW Championships    
CSP Boys    
CSP Girls Alison Hesketh  

SNW Water Polo Academy

Boys Lead Coach Zak Sly
Assistant Coaches               Gary Ellwood,  Anthony McGuinness and Trevor PEach   
Team Manager Colin Walsh
Administrator Colin Walsh
Girls Lead Coach Andy Little          
Assistant Coaches Laura Hesketh and Ruth van Mierlo
Team Manager (s) Melanie Bolton and Joan Howe
Administrator Melanie Bolton.


Cheshire Jane Fisher                                 
Cumbria T.B.C.
Greater Manchester Jemma Alderson
Lancashire Mike Hesketh
Merseyside Joanne Mountfield

 Other positions held by SNW members:

ASA TWPC Chairman Alan Booth
SNW Regional Representative to ASA TWPC Joanne Mountfield