NWR Representavie to ASA Council

Date added

Sunday 6th May 2012


Each region has a nominated number of delegates that attend ASA Council on behalf of the region and its members each year.

The delegation of the North West Region consists of:-

• Chair
• Finance Office
• President
• 4 Delegates from the Management Board
• Remaining Delegates elected from the membership.
The total number of delegates available to the Region is still to be confirmed by the A.S.A. but in previous years the total number has been 9 or 10.

The delegates will be required to attend the Annual Council meeting on the above date at the proposed venue of Crowne Plaza, Nottingham.

Anyone who is interested in becoming a representative for the region should complete the attached nomination form

NOMINATION FORMS should be returned to the Swimnorthwest Office no later than 29th JUNE 2012.

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