Nervous About Swimming

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If you have a fear of the water, can’t get your face wet or panic just thinking about the deep end then it’s easy to think swimming is not for you.

But if you learn to swim you can have fun in the water with your friends, children and grandchildren. You can also make a splash in the water while on holiday.

The important thing to know is that you are not alone. One in five adults across the country can't swim – but it’s never too late to learn.  Most pools offer adult classes in a friendly and supportive environment. 

The best thing to do is contact your local pool for information on lessons for all ages. They will be able to tell you about times, dates, prices and whether there is a waiting list.  If you are unsure about starting lessons, ask if you can watch a class or two to get a better idea of whether it's for you, or ask to speak with one of the teachers.

Most lessons take things at a slow pace - starting off with teaching you to how to stand up and regain your feet, float and swim without fear before being taught specific strokes.

We have, through our Everyday Swim project, asked former non-swimmers to compile Swim Diaries. The diaries tell you how they found the whole experience of learning to swim and we hope will inspired you to learn to swim as well. CLICK HERE to read the diaries.

If you are a non-swimmer who fears the water, you are not alone. It is never too late to learn .. ...

Contact the Aquatic Officer below for more information

Jon Keating E-Mail: Phone:    07810 022291