Important Information Regarding Club Insurance Cover from 1st April 2014

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In preparation for the 2014 membership year, the insurance provided to the ASA/SASA/WASA/IOS, its affiliated clubs and members, has been reviewed and a new policy and insurer will be in place from April 2014.

It is therefore essential that you notify Perkins Slade immediately if there are any claims or incidents/circumstances which you are aware of which may become a claim.  Any incidents or claims you are aware of but

have not been reported to insurers by the 15 April 2014 will not be insured.


The new policy will respond to valid claims made against it, provided that you are not aware of the claim and the incident from which the claim arises occurred after the retroactive date of 1st January 1985

(this is the same date as the expiring RSA policy).


Contact details for notifications are:

Perkins Slade Ltd

3 Broadway

Broad Street


B15 1BQ

Tel: 0121 698 8046