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ASA Water Polo Management Group announced

The ASA Water Polo Management Group, led by the ASA Water Polo Manager Ian Elliot, is pleased to announce the conclusion of initial recruitment to the Group with the appointment of 6 team leaders.

Following the Tunnicliffe review of the sport in Jan 2015, the ASA determined that its recommendations would be used as the framework for the drafting of a detailed strategic and operational plan for water polo. The new ASA water polo plan will set out objectives for the sport, and the approach to achieve the same for the period 2015-2018, with an outline plan for the 10 years to 2025.

In the short term, the newly formed Water Polo Management Group is tasked to formulate that plan and present its proposals to the ASA in October 2015. As part of the planning process and following the Tunnicliffe review, the Group will be considering all aspects of the game including coaching development, match officials’ programs, competition structure, marketing, communication and governance of water polo in England.

The 6 Group team leaders announced today bring extensive business and professional expertise to the planning process, and include business leaders, legal and other professionals, and experts in water polo and other performance sports. All the team leaders have a passion for water polo, close personal ties with the sport, and a desire to see water polo flourish. Each leader will have responsibility for strategic and operational planning in their designated area.

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