Regional Beacon Programme

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Beacon Programme Overview 2013–17

Sport England’s re-investment into the ASA Beacon programmes aims to nurture the next generation of elite athletes. This commitment from both Sport England and the ASA builds on the success and experiences of the previous four-year cycle and is now being extended across all of the Olympic aquatic disciplines

The key objectives for each Beacon programme are:

To increase the performance of athletes within the Beacon programme, demonstrating an increase in representation and results at National and International level

To increase the number of athletes in the region receiving a high-quality coaching experience;

To act as an agency to increase the number of highly skilled coaches delivering within the Region;

Each Beacon programme will be measured against key performance indicators on a quarterly basis, ensuring that each is demonstrating impact and effectiveness against key areas:

 Increased performance (defined against each discipline);

 Increased number of Junior internationals

 Increased number of disabled swimmers (swimming only)

 Increased number of participants within the wider club network

 Self sustainability of programme by 2017

The ASA is investing only in programmes that show consistent improvement over a period of 3.5 years which leads towards the meeting of agreed performance swimming outcomes. Failure to reach outcomes will result in reduced or removal of funding.

The standard and quality of coaching teams is of paramount importance to the success of the Beacon programmes, so there will be support from both the Club and Talent teams to have in place a coach education and development programme that will be accessible and beneficial to all club coaches within the Beacon network, as well as seek to enhance standards and prepare for succession planning.

Expectations for a Beacon Programme:

Each Beacon programme will provide support to local and regionally selected athletes through appropriate access to quality training facilities, sports science and other support services.

Each Beacon programme will provide a daily training environment as well as a weekly session for athletes selected from other clubs across the region.

The Beacon programme will be expected to support the athlete pathway across the region, through supporting the wider club and coach network.

The ‘host’ or ‘lead’ club within a Beacon programme will be swim21 accredited

The ability to ultimately self-sustain the programme is an important component.


The ASA received 26 Beacon applications across the four disciplines.

Each applicant presented to a Panel in Loughborough in September.

A thorough assessment process took place, providing objective conclusions on programmes that demonstrated the capability and provided evidence of meeting pre-determined Beacon criteria.

Award letters have now been issued to the following




Synchronised Swimming

Water Polo








Crystal Palace (interim)