The National Volunteer Forum

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The National Volunteer Forum is a group of proactive volunteers aged 26+ from across the country who come together to feed into the ASA Volunteer Engagement Team.

The current ASA National Volunteer Forum was formed in August 2013 and the first meeting was held at the ASA Head Office in Loughborough in September 2013.

Who Are We?
  • A group of dynamic aquatic volunteers who meet regularly to discuss all things relating to volunteering and develop new ideas.
  • We are active in our local areas, raising issues so that they can be addressed, and solutions incorporated into the ASA’s Volunteer Engagement Team plan.
  • We aim to drive positive change in the sport and in our clubs, counties region and on a national level

How Could We Help You?

Provide you with a voice!               

Act as an ambassador and role model within the sport!

Improve the support, training and  opportunities available to  volunteers within the sport!

Provide positive publicity for your club or organisation!

Raise any issues you have at a local level to the National Volunteer Engagement Team

If you would like to utilise the services of the Volunteer Forum, or if you’re interested in joining, get in touch by emailing us at         

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