Workforce Co-Ordinator Training

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Are you a Club Workforce or Volunteer Co-ordinator?
Would you like to take on one of these roles in the near future?

If so, the ASA has created a brand new interactive online guide to provide you with advice and guidance to support you in this role. The guide aims to supply you with the knowledge to ensure the greatest level of success for both you and your club, making your time in post as rewarding as possible.

This resource will:

1.       Allow you to review the role of a Workforce Co-ordinator at your club.

2.       Help you assess and evaluate your club’s current workforce.

3.       Provide you with effective templates and resources to assist you and save you time.

4.       Identify methods for recruiting, managing and valuing the volunteers at your club.

5.       Support you to develop and implement a Workforce Development Plan for your club.

6.       Help your club to create a sustainable and efficient volunteer workforce.

How to I access this resource?

The Workforce Co-ordinator guide can be accessed via the IOS onlineand is free of charge to all volunteers registered with an IoS account. If you do not hold an account, don’t worry. It only takes a few moments to sign up and is free to do so. Click here for more information. If you have any further questions about the Workforce Co-ordinator resource please contact