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Bookmarking pages

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Bookmarking a page allows you to click on a link in your browser each time you want to return to it. Read on to learn how to bookmark pages.


The best way to remember a web page you want to visit regularly is to bookmark it. If you have a document or page you want to access on a regular basis then follow the guidelines below. Most visitors use either Explorer or Firefox web browsers and so we have given examples of these two only. If you use another browser and would like help bookmarking pages please click here to send us an email.

Microsoft Explorer

If you are using Microsoft Explorer then you can bookmark a page using the following process:

  • On the top left hand side of the browser there is a gold star and a gold star partly covered by a green + sign. Click on star partly covered by the green +
  • When a menu opens click on ‘Add to Favourites’. The ‘Add a Favourite’ box will open.
  • Write the name of the page in the ‘Name’ box and click the button ‘Add’. The box will close.
  • To access favourites click on the gold star in the left hand section of the browser and a box will open.
  • Click on ‘Favourites’ and your favourites will appear.
  • Then click on the link to access the page.

If you are using the Mozilla Firefox browser do the following

  • Click on ‘bookmarks’ in the menu at the top of the browser and then click on ‘Bookmark this Page’
  • Write the name of the page in the text box and click the ‘Done’ button.
  • If you want the bookmark to appear on the browser toolbar then choose 'Bookmarks Toolbar' from the folder drop-down menu before clicking ‘Done’.
  • Click on the link under the website address on your browser to access the bookmarked page or document.

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