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Accolades continue for British Gas and Carat’s partnership with Swimming

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16 February 2011

British Gas and Carat’s partnership with Swimming has continued to collect accolades into 2011 as it was shortlisted for four prizes at the Hollis Sponsorship Awards 2011.

British Gas Sponsorship of Swimming has been listed for two awards – Sports over 750k and Best Use of Research in a Sponsorship Campaign.

Meanwhile, British Gas Pools 4 Schools has also been nominated twice – Charity, Community & Environment and Education.

The campaign has enjoyed a successful two years since signing a six-year sponsorship deal with British Swimming in March 2009.

The partnership is the major force behind the Great Swim Series, Pools 4 Schools, Swimfit and the National Plan for Teaching Swimming and was named the media campaign of the year at the Campaign Media Awards in 2010.


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