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Scottish Gas keeps ‘green’ swimming pool afloat

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A community swimming pool that runs entirely on green biomass fuels has been thrown a lifeline by Scottish Gas with funds of £60,000.

Kevin Roxburgh, Scottish Gas managing director, and Jamie McGrigor, Highlands & Islands MSP, make the official announcement today that the Mid Argyll Community Pool will stay open for business.  
Opened in 1996, the pool in Lochgilphead provides a vital facility to around 40,000 children, adults, elderly people and disabled users each year. Many local people are keen water sport enthusiasts and learned to swim at the pool.
As the only pool in the area, its closure threatened future generations’ ability to learn to swim - an essential skill given the coastal nature of the area - and the health and wellbeing of local people.
The pool was saved last year when local residents raised money to pay staff wages. Following piped protests in the streets urging the local council to tackle funding levels for the pool, its plight was taken up by MSPs Jamie McGrigor, Jim Mather and local councillor Dougie Philand.
Because of its partnership with Scottish Swimming, Mr McGrigor approached Scottish Gas with an appeal for help.
Kevin Roxburgh said: “Olympic swimmers are inspiring but local pools, such as the Mid Argyll Community Pool, give many their only chance to learn this vital life skill as part of a healthy lifestyle. We are proud to announce that the Mid-Argyll Pool will stay open for business as usual.”
Scottish Gas and British Gas are investing £15 million over five years in British swimming at all levels. From helping children learn a vital life skill to giving elite athletes the best chance of gold medal success, Scottish Gas and British Gas are committed to swimming in Britain, from paddling pool to podium.
Jamie McGrigor said: “I am absolutely delighted that Scottish Gas has pledged this money and support to the Mid Argyll Swimming Pool. I thank Scottish Gas for their generosity and intelligence in recognising the importance of the pool to so many people."


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