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Finding the right document

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The website contains hundreds of documents in PDF and Word format containing a range of useful information. These may be to help aquatics professionals do their job or offer insight into various disciplines. For help in finding the right document read on…

Finding the right document

The website has a very large library of documents. It holds everything from volunteers' documentation to the framework for developing national athletes. There is major resource and holds something for everyone interested in, or working in, aquatics.

To open the library in a new window click here: You can then use it as you read through the guidance. It should look like the picture below.

The Library

When there, you can choose your documents by category. Simply click on the category you believe best describes your document. These are on the left of the page. So if you are seeking diving advice click on the 'diving' category link.

You can also sort documents by date, title or author using the ‘filter’ button. You can filter by date added in ascending or decending order.

Searching the site

If you cannot find what you are seeking then try using the search facility. This is at the top right hand corner of the website. Simply type in the box what you are seeking and click the ‘search button’. So, if you are seeking information on licensed meets, for example, type ‘licensed meets’ into the text box and then click search.

If you search for something that is mentioned a large number of times on our website, such as teaching swimming, the search may return a lot of results. It will display this according to which part of the site they sit on, for example by, British Swimming etc. You will know which area of the site it is by the small logo boxes displayed below.

When the results show click on the relevant link. If after this you still can’t find what you need please click here to email us and we can guide you.

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