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Top athletes take time out to help stars of the future reach Olympic Gold

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25 Jan 2010

Four of Britain’s top aquatic athletes are taking time out of their hectic training schedules to help mentor the Olympic stars of the future. Cassie Patten, Nick Robinson-Baker, Olivia Allison and Sam Hynd, collectively known as Team Kellogg’s, will mentor a group of young people from across the UK as they aim to emulate their heroes and reach the podium at future world sporting events.

The ‘Kellogg’s Champions of tomorrow’ scheme is part of Kellogg’s ongoing commitment to British Swimming and aims to help inspire young swimming stars as they rise through the ranks of swimming. Twelve young people have been chosen by the British Swimming Talent Identification team - each child will be mentored for six months as well as receiving a grant to help fund training, kit and competition entry.

Olympic Bronze medallist Cassie Patten said: “I’m really excited about mentoring my group. So many kids drop out of sport when they’re in their early teens so I think it’s really important to help them along and inspire them to keep going, no matter how hard it gets. Swimming has given me so much so if I can help these kids on their path to success by giving them my time and advice, that makes me feel really proud.”

Chief Executive of British Swimming David Sparkes,said: “Every promising young swimmer dreams of making it to an Olympics or Paralympics but when you’re training in your local pool day in day out it can sometimes seem like an unachievable dream. All of the Team Kellogg’s athletes have been there and their experience and support will only help to inspire those they are mentoring. I’m delighted our current stars are helping to develop the athletes of the future so Britain can have the kind of talent that can compete and beat the best in the world.”

Aside from developing Britain’s elite prospects, Kellogg’s supports swimming at a local level through the Kellogg’s Swim Active initiative. Swim Active aims to increase accessibility and support for swimming in the hardest to reach communities. Projects include closed sessions for children with weight issues, special sessions for over 60’s and provision of specialist teaching for children with disabilities.


Each athlete is available for interview and photographers are welcome to attend the sessions on the following dates:

Nick Robinson Baker – Saturday 23rd January, Ponds Forge, Sheffield
Olivia Allison – Sunday 24th January, Aldershot Garrison Sports Centre
Cassie Patten –, Sunday 31st January, Stockport Metro
Sam Hynd – End of February, Swansea.

Please contact Kate Hannah on 0161 869 5035 / 07812 355441 or email to discuss further.


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