ASA Handbook 2016

View or download the official handbook of the ASA, incorporating the Laws and Technical Rules.

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The ASA Handbook 2016

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ASA Regulations

Use the collapsible menu below to view any changes to the ASA Regulations from the latest ASA Handbook.

Changes to ASA Regulations

Regulations 61.1, 61.2 and 62.1

  • 61.1 - The Chairman of the Group Board and Chairman of the Sport Governing Board will share the Chairman’s role at Council meetings. Based upon the remit of each Board, and any potential conflict of interest they will determine who is appropriate to chair each item on the agenda.
  • 61.2 - In the absence of either Chairman the other will chair the whole meeting. If both are absent, or both have conflicts of interest, or they cannot agree who shall chair individual agenda items, the meeting shall elect a Chairman for the whole of or part of the meeting.
  • 62.1 - The agenda of the Annual Council Meeting and audited financial statement for the year last past, together with the Annual Report, which shall be presented at the Annual Council Meeting and which shall include a list of both Boards’ rulings, recommendations and every change which has been made to Laws, Regulations or Rules in the period covered by the report, shall be forwarded to the Director, or his equivalent, of each Region and directly affiliated body not later than the 14 August.

Regulation 50.3 Eligibility

The Sport Governing Board has determined that regulation 50.2 does not apply to:

  • Events formally supported by the ASA by use of the ASA name or sponsorship,
  • Bona fide Swimfit events.

Anyone seeking clarification as to whether an event is proscribed by regulation 50.2 should contact the Swimming Management Committee, through whom this list is managed.

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