Environmental Policy

The ASA has put in place systems to measure use of energy, paper and waste production and set targets to improve performance in these areas. Our environmental policy is detailed below.


(Revised January 2013)

The Amateur Swimming Association (ASA) is the National Governing Body for the sport of Swimming and its associated disciplines in England.  The aims and objectives of the ASA are as follows:

  1. More People Learning to Swim
    Swimming is an essential life skill which enables participants to enjoy water based activities throughout their life.  Learning to swim, at any age, should be an empowering, life enriching 3experience and lead to a life-long desire to continue to enjoy water based activities.
  2. More people swimming more regularly
    Swimming is a major participation sport and can be enjoyed throughout life.  The health and social benefits of swimming are immense and it can also be used as a remedial activity post surgery or illness.
  3. More medals on the world stage
    The nation is inspired by winners and the development of swimmers to their full potential, including Olympic and Paralympic gold medal winners is fundamental.
  4. Facilities
    The objectives of more people learning to swim, more people swimming regularly and more medals on the world stage require facilities for all aspects of the sport which are accessible and affordable.
  5. People
    Swimming relies on the commitments, skills and knowledge of a vast number of people, both paid and volunteers to deliver its objectives.
  6. Leadership
    The success of swimming lies in close partnership networks where facility providers, funding partners, commercial partners, local and national governments etc. all work together to provide the ultimate aquatic experience for each and every participant.  At the heart of this lies great leadership ensuring all partners work together.  There are also partnership with the international world of swimming and a requirement for Great Britain to place itself at the heart of international swimming politics.
  7. Values
    Our objectives are delivered on the foundation of a solid set of values ensuring swimming is a safe, health and accessible to all activity.

The vision document in its entirety outlines the supporting information to achieve these objectives can be found on www.swimming.org

The ASA recognises that its activities have an impact on the environment. In all our activities, working practices and business relationships, we are committed to protecting, conserving and enhancing all aspects of the environment over which we have control or can influence.

We shall ensure compliance with all relevant environmental legislation and other regulations and take action to achieve continual improvement of our environmental performance and prevent pollution.

In particular we shall:

  • Evaluate operations to ensure they are as efficient as possible in reducing our environmental impacts
  • Actively promote recycling with a view to minimising waste
  • Minimise paper usage where possible
  • Encourage staff to reduce travel by use conference calling, skype etc.
  • Encourage the use of car sharing and cycle to work scheme

We will ensure this policy is implemented throughout our operations by implementing and maintaining a certified environmental management system (Phase 3 BS8555).

This policy will be reviewed annually.

Jane M Nickerson
Chief Operating Officer

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