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General Policy

Information included in the general policies section include: ASA meeting procedure, Abuse, Equal opportunities and e-mail. An index is included below for you to find your way around the documents.


Part 1 of the general policy

Part 2 of the general policy (directly linked with the ASA)

General policy index

Reference no: Title Company Issue date Revision date


G1301 Fidelity Joint 30.11.2010  
G1302 Smoking Joint 30.11.2010 20.05.2013
G1303 Policy Manuals Joint 30.11.2010  
G1304 Confidential minutes Joint 30.11.2010  
G1305 Indemnity Joint 30.11.2010  
G1306 Equal Opportunities Employment Joint 30.11.2010  
G1307 Document Control Joint 30.11.2010  
G1308 Whistle Blowing Joint 30.11.2010  
G1309 Recruitment of People with Criminal Record Joint 30.11.2010  
G1310 Epilepsy Policy Joint 30.11.2010  
G1311 Honours Joint 30.11.2010 18.01.2012
G1312 This policy has been replaced by G1300 - ASA10 and G1300-BS7 Joint 30.11.2010 30.04.2011
G1313 Volunteer Positions Nominations Policy Joint 30.11.2010  
G1314 Working Time Directive Joint 30.11.2010  
G1315 Protection of Vunerable Adults Joint 30.11.2010  
G1316 Regulations for the Partners attending events for Volunteers Joint 18.01.2012  


G1300-ASA1 Judical Policy ASA 30.11.2010 24.05.2011
G1300-ASA2 Professional Staff Attendance at ASA Board Meeting ASA 30.11.2010  
G1300-ASA3 Eligibility for election to committees ASA 30.11.2010 24.05.2011
G1300-ASA4 ASA Trading ASA 30.11.2010  
G1300-ASA5 Nominations for AHT and HFH Awards ASA 30.11.2010  
G1300-ASA6 ASA Board Clothing ASA 30.11.2010  
G1300-ASA7 Health, Safety & Environmental statement ASA 30.11.2010  
G1300-ASA8 President - Terms of Reference ASA 30.11.2010  
G1300-ASA9 Addressing concerns regarding members on the Board ASA 30.11.2010  
G1300-ASA10 Volunteer Policy ASA 30.11.2010 31.01.2013
G1300-ASA11 Equality Policy - ASA ASA 07.05.2011  



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