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Swimming Policy

Below you find the index and downloadable swimming policies for the ASA. They cover a range of topics from dress code to calendar planning.


Part 1of the swimming policy (company wide)

Part 2 of the swimming policy (directly refers to the ASA)

Swimming policy index

Reference no: Title Company Issue date Revision date


S1101 Partners/Relatives of Team Staff Joint 30.11.2010  
S1102 Age of Swimming Joint 30.11.2010  
S1103 Team Staff – Child Protection Joint 30.11.2010  
S1104 Dress Code Joint 30.11.2010  
S1105 Policy removed as obsolete Joint 30.11.2010 13.07.2011
S1106 Funding of Ineligible Athletes Joint 30.11.2010  
S1107 Medical Cover at National Events Joint 30.11.2010  
S1108 Room Sharing (Competitions And Camps) Policy Joint 30.11.2010  
S1109 Use Of Mobile Phones And E-Mail By Swimming Coaches And Teachers Joint 30.11.2010  
S1110 Transsexual Competitors Joint 30.11.2010 10.11.2011


S1100-ASA1 Team Managers ASA 30.11.2010  
S1100-ASA2 Calendar Planning - Swimming ASA 30.11.2010  
S1100-ASA3 Team Equipment ASA 30.11.2010  
S1100-ASA4 Team Staff Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures ASA 30.11.2010  
S1100-ASA5 Appointment of Jury of Appeal for National Events ASA 30.11.2010  
S1100-ASA6 Appointment of Officials for National Events ASA 30.11.2010  
S1100-ASA7 Team Selection Appeals Procedure ASA 30.11.2010  
S1100-ASA8 Circulation of Rule Interpretations ASA 30.11.2010  
S1100-ASA9 Recording And Retention Of Mobile Phone Numbers And E-Mail Addresses Of Young Swimmers ASA 30.11.2010  
S1100-ASA10 Trophies and Awards National Events ASA 30.11.2010  


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