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26 th Aug 2016 Friday 2:37am

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Saturday 26 th Feb 2011

British Gas ASA National Age Group Water Polo Championships 2011 Youth Boys GROUP A ‘95 and Under

Manchester, Lancaster, Cheltenham and Birmingham go through in Youth Boys to Qualification Round.

Manchester had a difficult group to come through in the Preliminary stages clinching victory over Watford 6-4 to claim a place in the first semi-final. Second placed Castleford in Group A going out in the second semi-final 7-5 to winners Lancaster. With the late withdrawal of Invicta from Group B the group was wide open and first time entrants, Welsh Wanderers, pushed the top two sides hard. A close fought 5-3 win for Cheltenham over Birmingham sets it up for an interesting Qualification Round in Walsall on 2 and 3 April.

Full results to be issued shortly.

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Liverpool Aquatic Centre