Action to take if you have a concern of a safeguarding nature about your child or another child

Action to take if you have a concern of a child welfare/safeguarding nature about your child or another child.

  1. Concerns raised will be dealt with following the ASA guidance on confidentiality.
  2. If your concern is about a child you consider may be in immediate risk of injury or harm, or has been injured or harmed, do not hesitate and immediately contact the local Children’s Social Care Team, the police, or the ASA Safeguarding Team. They will ensure action is taken without delay to ensure the wellbeing of the child/ young person. The club Welfare Officer and the ASA Safeguarding Team  must be informed as soon as possible of a referral to the statutory agencies.
  3. If there is no immediate risk as outlined above it is important you raise your concern as soon as possible with the club Welfare Officer. They will advise you as to action to be taken and if necessary refer the matter to the statutory agencies or the ASA Safeguarding Team.
  4. If you do not wish to approach the club directly you can call the Swimline number 0808 100 4001. You will need to leave a number for a Swimliner or the ASA Safeguarding Team  to call you back or if you wish to speak to someone immediately, hold on and you will be put through to the NSPCC Helpline.
  5. If the matter is involving your child you will be advised of what you should do and kept fully involved of all action taken.
  6. If the matter is about a child unrelated to yourself information will only be made available to you in line with appropriate confidentiality.
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