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Fun times

My day began with taking part in an online Webex session with a group of fellow tutors, I wrote an anniversary card to some friends from swimming in the 1960s then, over a coffee, I opened my Swimming Times and, browsing through it, found the feature by Tony Pearce. In the past year you have published a feature from Julia Grace about Croydon Swimming, then myself on the same topic and now Tony Pearce.  All still working, taking part and living with swimming on a daily basis.  It prompted me to wonder what it was about swimming in Croydon that generated such undying enthusiasm and commitment. I remember Tony and all those he mentioned well, and there were many more characters both swimming and officiating. 

As I read Tony’s feature so many memories flooded back – mostly I remembered it was so much fun! We all have different stories about the old days but the common thread is the enjoyment. I really hope young swimmers have as much fun as we had, perhaps that is why Croydonians have stuck with it. 

We have three generations of swimming teachers in my family and, starting with my Granddad, five generations of swimmers.  My Granddad was a founder member of Amphibians along with Captain Cummins – who was the founding editor of Swimming Times.  My Mum and Dad inspired me first but then came another 50 plus years of inspiration and, if the message to teachers about making it fun has any basis in fact, take a look at those of us still going strong because of what a laugh it has been!

Jane Wilson

Co creator of SwimaSong

By email

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