swim21 Online Portal FAQs

Here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions about the swim21 Online Portal along with some answers and suggestions.

Do we have to register on the swim21 site?
Each club secretary can access the site using their ASA affiliation number.  The ASA sent correspondence to all clubs to advise this alongside the password which should be charged to something memorable.  All affiliated clubs are listed on the portal.

Our club have always submitted our evidence in paper format; can we continue to do this?
As part of the review to bring practices up to date and documents being stored online, there is no longer capacity to submit paper evidence for swim21.  This also fulfils the ASA green commitment!

I can’t remember my password, what do I need to do?
The portal will give you 5 chances to remember your password and then automatically send you an email to the address you provided on the ASA Online Membership System to remind you.

What types of files can I upload?
The portal will accept standard Microsoft formats such as Word and Excel as well as picture files such as .gif and .jpeg.  If you have the ability to PDF documents it would be useful to keep your club user area storage to a minimum.

I am having issues uploading evidence. What am I doing wrong?
All main file types are accepted on the portal.  Please check that the document does not exceed 15MB as this will issues an error message due to the document being too large.

Can only one person access the portal?
You can have as many people as you wish with rights to access the swim21 content for your club.  This means it can be a shared role and not the commitment of just one person.  They will need to be members registered with the ASA Online via the Online Membership system.

We have a new volunteer who we would like to give access but they aren’t an ASA member, what do they need to do?
You will need to register the person via ASA Online Membership System as we have designed the portal to directly “talk” to the other ASA systems, which collate your club information to avoid you having to duplicate updates and keep the data current.

I have submitted a piece of evidence but I’m unable to view it. What do I need to do?
You may have clicked save instead of submit, please click submit and the information should appear.

I am having problems accessing the site, what should I do?
Please email clubdevelopment@swimming.org for support with the site.

Is the portal compatible on MAC, iPad etc?
Yes, the site has been tested across windows and Mac applications, however when using a Mac please ensure that you have the capacity to view Office document which can normally be done using Preview.

I am using Internet Explorer and I am having problems viewing the swim21 portal. What do I need to do?
The site has been robustly tested across all web browsers; however there are many different versions of Internet Explorer and users may have issues reading all the script.  Google Chrome and Firefox seem to function better so try to download these and see whether it helps.  

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