FAQ - Electronic Submission (CMS) of Membership

Do you have queries about the Electronic Submission system? See if our FAQs below answer your question. If not please email renewals@swimming.org


Q. I cannot generate new .cry files for my latest submission. How do I send these to you?

A. Ensure each amendment member has a tick in the ‘send amendment’ box and then use the ‘send renewal data’ button on the Main Menu.

Q. Can I still update my database even when I have sent in a data file to the ASA?

A. Clubs can send in updates throughout the year but they must bear in mind that every time we submit information back to the club this will replace their current dataset. This means that if, in the meantime, new members or amendments have been added they will be overwritten by the data we have returned. We advise that if changes/additions have been made to send these to us before importing the new data file. Another consideration is if more than one update has been sent in separately, the file we return may only be a response to one and not all the updates sent to us. This means the returned database may not be the current membership list for the club as we may still be working on subsequent updates sent.

Q. I have tried to re-send the data from CMS but it says the ‘file export is complete’. How do I send you my data?

The data file(s) have already been saved to the designated folder you created on your computer. You need to attach the file(s) to an e-mail and send to cms_asa@swimming.org.

Q. When I press ‘Send Renewals Data’ I get a message saying that the renewals for my members has been sent already. How do I send an update to you?

If you have not made any changes you can use the ‘Resend previous data’ option from the ‘Send Renewal Data’ tab. If you have made any alterations you need to tick the ‘Send Amendment’ box for those individual members and then send your data as normal.

Q. What is the difference between the Send Renewals Data button and Export Data button?

A. The export data button is used to extract data in a variety of formats such as Microsoft Excel and xml. You can share this information with other people. The send renewal data button is used to extract the data in the correct format for the ASA systems. When sending the data to the ASA Membership Services Department it is the send renewals data button that needs to be used even if it is an update.

Q. What is the correct file name format for a CMS data return?

A. Club Code_Date_Time.CRY For example, ABCD_05022008_1450.CRY

Q. An error message appears stating it cannot export data, as I have sent the details already. What do I do?

A. The program thinks that the user has not made any changes. If you have made some changes you need to select the update member tick box for these members.


Q. I am unable to select the action of ‘Renew’ for those members who are still showing as ‘New’ even though we have a Member ID for them on the file. How do I change this?

A. Make any changes to the record and tick the ‘send amendment’ box. It will remain as ‘New’ for the first year.

Q. Please can you tell me how to identify the swimmers who are first claim to another club?

A. Go into ‘Update Membership’ and select the member. Click the top right tab ‘Contact & Club List Details’ and in that section you can view the member’s ‘Club Membership List’. However, please note that this can change as a result of any correspondence between the member or their other club and the ASA.

Q. I’ve tried to view a report but when I click on it to view it, nothing happens. What do I need to do?

You need to install the snapshot viewer through the following link (also detailed on page in Section 2 of the manual).

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