FAQ - Officials Qualifications

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Q. What are the different Official’s Qualifications?

A. Swimming - British Swimming Timekeeper, British Swimmiing Judge Level 1,British Swimming Judge Level 2, British Swimming Judge Level 2S (Starter), British Swimming Referee.

Diving -District Judge, District Recorder, District Referee, National Judge, National Recorder.

Open Water - British Swimming Open Water Judge Level 1, British Swimming Open Water Judge Level 2, British Swimming Open Water Referee.

Synchronised Swimming - Clerk of Course, Examiner, Judge, Music Controller, Referee, Score Caller, Scorer, Timekeeper, Video Operator.

Water Polo - Referee Grade A, B, C, D or P, National Table Official, Regional Table Official, Water Polo Delegate.

Q. How do you register with the ASA as a qualified official?

A. The Officials Co-Ordinator in the appropriate region will notify the ASA Membership Services Department who will update the records on their database.

Q. What is the Officials Licencing Scheme?

Swimming Official licences demonstrate your competence as an official and help the ASA to ensure the sport of swimming benefits from the highest possible standards. To learn how to apply for, or renew, your licence, CLICK HERE.

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