FAQ - Registration Process

Have a query about the membership registration process? See if our FAQs below answer your question.

Q. Throughout the year how do I register new members or make a category transfer?

A. Once you have made your annual return, complete the New Member and Category Transfer Submission form and send to ASA Membership Services together with:

Registration forms - for any new members;
Registration forms - for members who are upgrading / transferring to category two;
A cheque for the full amount payable to 'ASA'. (including if applicable Region and County Fees).

Q. Do membership registration forms need to be signed by the Club Secretary?

A. Membership Forms are required to be signed by either Secretary or any other registered Club Officer.

Q. Does the ASA Membership Department need to be aware of the Club Officers and if so how is this done?

A. Yes, when club officers’ information needs updating the ASA need to be informed in writing via post or email (renewals@swimming.org). This information will also be requested in the Annual Renewal pack

Q. Why do the forms need to be signed by the swimmer or parent/guardian?

A. We are required under the Data Protection Act 1998 to obtain consent for your information to be made available to British Swimming (this does not include sensitive personal data such as health or medical conditions). For Category two members the signed form is needed to verify that members are aware that they are subject to doping controls. If the member is under the age of 18 we also need parental consent for these reasons.

Q. What are the ethnic codes that are needed for the Club registration form?

A. CLICK HERE for the current ASA Ethnic Codes.

Q. How does a member register with more than one club?

A. If they are Category one/three they are required to complete another  ASA Category 1 & 3 registration form signed by each club secretary. If they are a Category two then a ASA Category 2 & Multi-club Registration form needs to be completed by each of the clubs with the relevant signatures.

Q. What is the ranked club?

A. Swimmers who are members of more than one club select one club for ranking purposes - the ranked club name will appear on the ranking lists. The ranked club is normally the club whose name they compete under in major events.

Q. What is the procedure if a member leaves an ASA affiliated club?

A. If they are registered as a Category two member then a green resignation form would need to be completed and a copy given to the club they have just left, a copy to their new club (if applicable) and a copy sent to the ASA Membership Services Department. If they are Category one/three then the information can be sent in writing (via email or letter).

Q. Where can all types of registration form be obtained?

A. From the ASA Membership Services Department, SportPark, 3 Oakwood Drive, Loughborough LE11 3QFor at renewals@swimming.org or by telephone 01509 640727.

Q. Can someone take out day membership to take part in an event?

A. Temporary membership can be obtained for specific events subject to the promoters agreement. CLICK HERE for further information on Temporary Membership

Q. Can I register, through the club, a member(s) urgently as they are entering an ASA Competition?

A. If a member needs to be registered urgently please mark the registration forms as such and we shall endeavour to process these as soon as we are able.

Q. How do I obtain a current club membership list?

A. Club membership lists can only be issued to the Membership Secretary or Club Secretary. Please contact the ASA Membership Services Department on 01509 640727 or at renewals@swimming.org. For event organisers wishing to obtain information about swimmers eligibility to compete in their event please refer to the Biographical Database.

Q. How do I obtain further supplies of registration forms?

A. The Membership Services Department can be contacted on 01509 640727 or at renewals@swimming.org.

Q. Can members obtain a replacement ASA Life card?

A. Members can obtain a replacement Life card. There is a £5.00 administration cost for this replacement. Please contact the ASA Membership Services Department on 01509 640727 or at renewals@swimming.org.

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