FAQ - Membership Annual Renewal

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Q. What is the ASA Club Membership year?

A. The ASA Club membership year runs from 1st January to 31st December

Q. When are Annual Renewals due?

A. Annual Renewals are due on the 1st January, however we allow until the 31st March for clubs to process and submit their information.

Q. What are the consequences if a club does not meet this deadline?

A. Clubs who have not submitted their annual renewal by the 31st March become suspended from the ASA until such a time as this information has been correctly completed and received by the ASA. This means that the club will no longer benefit from the insurance cover and its members will not be eligible to take part in forthcoming competitions and events. In addition, for any club failing to send in its annual return and appropriate fees payment by 31st March an additional fee of 10% of the club’s previous year’s membership fees or £50 (whichever is the greater) will be charged.

Q. What does a club need to submit in order to have a complete annual return?

A. Completed ASA membership list via the Online Membership System (OMS); A cheque to cover ASA fees and if applicable Region and County fees for all current members; Printed copy of OMS Estimate of Fees.

Q. What happens if a club does not meet these criteria?

A. The club will be advised that one or more of the criteria have not been met and informed of exactly what needs to be done. Please note that if the annual renewal criteria (see previous question) is not met this may result in the club’s temporary or permanent suspension from the ASA and a fine of 10% of its previous year’s membership fees or £50 – whichever is the greater.

Q. When will clubs receive their annual renewal information?

A. Those clubs not using the Online Membership System (OMS) will receive their annual return during December.

Q. What is included within this pack?

A. Membership List, Forms: ASA Membership Annual Return - Submission Form, ASA Membership New Member and Category Transfer - Submission Form, ASA registration forms (Cat 1, 2 & 3, resignations), List of Club Officials and a Club Welfare Officer Form.

Q. What is meant by Fees Due?

A. Fees Due includes all those members that have your club listed as longest unbroken membership club.

Q. What is meant by No Fees Due?

A. The No Fees Due section shows those members that do not have your club listed as longest unbroken membership and therefore pay their fees through another club.

Q. What are Leagues & Associations required to submit for their ASA Annual Renewal?

A. Membership Submission form, Club Officer’s form, the appropriate payment

Q. What are the current ASA Membership Fees?

A. The membership fees for 2016 are: Category 1 £8.70*, Category 2 £25.50*, Category 3 £5.00*

*= Please be aware that the above fees do not include any county or region fee contribution.

Q. What are the region/county fees used for?

A. These fees contribute to the administration of the region and its associated counties, promoting galas and providing subsidised education and training opportunities.

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