New Club Sessions

Clubs are under greater pressure to retain members, continue to generate appropriate revenue and be able to engage with the wider community. There is great potential to attract new members or returners into an aquatic club, by establishing ‘Satellite Sessions/Clubs’.

These sessions are aimed at the youth and adult market and the hope is that they may turn into your regular club swimmers, divers or polo players.

They could also be sessions that target a particular group of the community which may help your club gain access to a new pool, as leisure providers may have particular community targets that they need to meet on behalf of the local authority.

By working collaboratively with the leisure provider to deliver these types of projects, the club may be able to open up some new pool time to grow their lower competitive groups.

Case Study - Club A

Club A uses pools across a London Borough with a diverse community. The club worked with the local ASA Club Development Officer and Aquatic Officer to link into the needs of the local authority, to establish links with an underused school pool and to provide ‘women only’ sessions.

The sessions were originally developed to encourage women in the community to ‘get into the pool’ and exercise. Two, one hour sessions of water aerobics were run on a Sunday morning and, although there was a slow start-up, the numbers have grown.

The club now run one water aerobics session followed by a ‘women only’ Learn to Swim session.

The start-up costs, which included marketing to schools and colleges, were met by the CSP ‘Satellite Club’ funding and the ASA. However, the target groups meet the needs of the local authority, so they have continued to financially support the club in the delivery of these sessions to keep the costs low for the participants.

The club continues to prove its worth as a competitive swimming, diving and water polo club, as well as ensuring that it continues to meet the needs of the local community.

Benefit to the club

  • Access to a previously unused pool
  • Building strong community links
  • Building strong links with the Local Authority
  • Building strong links with the leisure providers
  • Links to schools
  • Building a stronger community awareness of the club

Case Study - Club B

Although Club B used many pools across their local area, they felt that there were parts of their community that they did not reach. They wanted to attract swimmers from a wider area and through working with the ASA Club Development Officer and CSP, they began delivering sessions at a local leisure centre, previously not used before by the club.

They are now running sessions aimed at the 11+ market, coming out of the Leisure Providers LTS programme.

These sessions enable an effective pathway for those swimmers who want to remain at the centre where they learnt to swim, but are also helping to grow the club in an area of their community, where before they had very little presence. This should help their long term sustainability.

Benefit to the club

  • Access to previously unused pool
  • Reaching new areas in the community
  • Promoting the club to new parts of the community
  • Building pathways from a LTS programme
  • Increasing membership leading to stronger sustainability
  • Increasing talent pool
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