Swimming Pool – Pool Length Certificates

Swimming race records at World, European, Commonwealth and National level can only be achieved in a swimming pool that conforms to FINA Rules

The ASA Facilities Team issues Pool Length Certificates to swimming pools wishing to hold competition galas where record can be achieved.

A list of all pools in England, Scotland & Wales that have their length currently certified can be found here.

Any swimming complex desiring to certify the length of their pool should contact the ASA Facilities team (contact details at bottom of page).

Download the list of measured pools in England, Scotland and WalesThe ASA Facilities Team measure and certify swimming pools for competition. Swimming race records are not valid unless achieved in a certified for length swimming pool.

The measuring is done for a competitive fee and the appropriate National Governing Body Certificate issued.


Facilities Team Contact Details:

Email:  facilities@swimming.org

Telephone: 01509 640 258

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