LTS Quick Challenge

Many centres have been implementing the LTS now for over 12 months, so now could be the perfect time to take a step back, review what is happening and improve implementation…take our LTS quick challenge below and see what you can do to improve in the next few weeks… you don’t have to be in charge of a programme but perhaps these are things you can raise at your next teachers’ meeting?

Question Helpful Hints
When was the last time you had a teachers' meeting and/or delivered some teacher training? Swimming teachers need to be kept updated and involved if they are going to deliver effectively on a day-to-day basis.  
Are you delivering a FUNdamental approach to learn to swim i.e. are you using games to help swimmers learn to swim? Encourage each teacher to try and add at least two games into every session to help them consider new ways of delivering. Discuss the games used at your teachers meetings. The NPTS Games pack and NPTS Games CPD will help here if you need more guidance.  
Are your teachers delivering a multi skill and multi aquatic approach to teaching stages 1-7? The LTS CPDs for each aquatic area will help teachers understand the other aquatics.  Challenge each teacher to consider adding skills from other aquatics i.e. throwing and catching skills, floating and balancing, etc.  
How do your school swimming lessons differ to your learn to swim lessons? Book onto the National Curriculum training course to ensure you understand what is required of school swimming and how delivery should be different. Click here to find out more.  
When was the last time you reviewed your awards and badges? One of the most frequent complaints we get from parents is that their children are de-motivated. Awards are available to help you motivate your swimmers between stages - click here.  
When was the last time you reviewed your programme content? Have you completed a swim21 self assessment? Swim21 resource discs are available from the ASA Awards centre and should help you self assess your programme and work towards best practice.  


Please feel free to discuss these issues with your County Swimming Co-ordinator if you have any concerns and they may be able to support you further to help improve your programme.

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