ASA release Annual Water Polo survey 2014

29 April 2014

The ASA is running our annual Water Polo survey in order to establish how we can best support the clubs coaching and playing Water Polo across England.

Last year in the 2013 survey we discovered that all of the Water Polo clubs across England were in very different stages of development.

Make a difference to your club, fill out the survey here This meant that coming up with a generalised solution for increasing participation and growing the sport that would fit all clubs was not going to be possible.

This year we have tweaked the questions slightly to give us a better insight into the interaction between clubs and Beacon Clubs, in order to come up with solutions to improving the support they can be offered.

The new Water Polo survey 2014 will help us set a number of goals and objectives which will not only get more people participating in the sport, but also give us insight into the types of resources required by clubs so we can provide them with the tools, equipment and information they need to continue to develop and grow.

While there are many clubs across England which are flourishing, there are also many small clubs and teams who are struggling to get a large enough squad to realistically compete. Currently the average team is made up of just 14 players, (six less than your standard squad), one ref and one coach as well as a handful of volunteers.

To try and get more people involved in the sport, the annual survey this year focuses on constraints that clubs are facing as well as their competitive activity and volunteer structure.

You can access the survey and make a difference to your Water Polo club by following the link to the Water Polo Survey 2014.

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