AquaZone has now moved online!

8 August 2014

The well loved magazine AquaZone has now made the jump into the digital age, available for all competing ASA Club members ages 9-15.

We asked the dedicated readers of AquaZone how they would like to receive the magazine in the future and 90% said they would prefer it to be online, so we listened to your feedback and changed.

You can now use your ASA membership number to register for the first time, after this you can use a user name and password to log in and access your profile.

Parents can find out more about AquaZone by clicking here For security reasons you will need parental permission before you can actually set your profile up, but don’t worry, all you need to do is enter a parent’s email address when you register and they will receive an email explaining what AquaZone is all about. They have an option to stop you entering the site; otherwise you are good to go.

Wondering what you can do on AquaZone? At the moment you can set up your profile, read swimming stories that are published daily, enter our monthly competitions, get your letters published on the site and enjoy interviews with your favourite athletes, among many other things.

This is just the beginning though. In a couple of month’s time the features of the AquaZone community will be growing. Not only will you have all this awesome content, you will also be able to join your club hub, shout about medals and PBs, earn achievement badges for your profile, post statuses, follow friends and recommend your favourite things on your timeline.

What are you waiting for? Register your membership number here While we want you all to enjoy yourselves on the AquaZone, we do have to have some rules. To make sure the AquaZone community is safe for all young athletes to use, we have an Acceptable Use Policy that we call ‘Pool Rules’. Stick to these and you can’t go wrong.

For all the information your parents might like to know, you can get them to follow this link to Parents' Corner to find out more.

Otherwise what are you waiting for? Register your membership number and get started today!

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