Johnson and Willmott set age group records

31 July 2011

The final day of the British Gas ASA National Youth Championships at Ponds Forge, Sheffield proved to be an electric day of finals with multiple British Age Group records being broken.

European Youth Olympics gold medal winner Matthew Johnson took an early lead in the Boys 15/16 Yrs 400m IM to finish almost nine seconds ahead of the competition with a British Age Group record breaking time of 4:20.87.

Johnson said, “I went 4:22.00 at EU Youth Olympics so I knew if I got close to my PB I could break the record, but I never expected a time of 4:20:87.”

Millfield’s James Guy took silver touching in 4:29.87, followed by Caleb Hughes (Hatfield) who won bronze with a time of 4:32.60.

Following in Johnson’s footsteps, Aimee Willmott of Middlesborough stormed ahead in the Girls 16/18 Yrs 400m IM.

Willmott finished eight seconds ahead of the other competitors to take the British Age Group record with a time of 4:38.63. City of Sheffield’s Lucy Spencer came in second and City of Leeds’ Anne Bochmann third with times of 4:46.68 and 4:48.01 respectively.

In the Boys 17/18 Yrs 400m IM, Daniel Wallace (Warrender Baths) was a clear winner, touching in 4:25.31. A close battle for silver left Fabian Whitbread of City of Oxford the victor finishing in 4:27.27. Chris Suggitt (Wigan BEST) took third with a time of 4:27.91.

In a close race between Elena Sheridan (Romford Town) and Georgia Barton (Preston), Sheridan pulled into the lead to win her third gold of the meet in the Girls 14/15 Yrs 400m IM.

Touching in 4:48.42, Sheridan said “It was a tough race and Georgia’s a really good swimmer so I wasn’t expecting to win. Two years ago I didn’t even get into the finals so to win three golds is great.”

Barton touched in a time of 4:52.57 to take silver, while fellow Preston team-mate Lucy Davis followed to take bronze in 4:54.79.

Sam Bradley (Mid Beds, S7) swam a convincing race to take gold with a total of 590 points (36.20) in the Mens MC 50m Butterfly. Alexander Goodman for Portsmouth Northsea (S7) took silver with 516 (37.87) with William Holland Leavens of City of Salford (S6) taking bronze (458, 39.84).

The Boys 15/16 Yrs 100m Butterfly saw James Guy (Millfield) take his second butterfly gold in 56.60.  “It was a fantastic race” said Guy, “I wasn’t expecting to win and I knew I’d be pushed but I just fought more to get the gold.”

Jack Scott of City of Liverpool took silver with a time of 56.90 and James Stanhope (Teddington) took bronze with 57.29.

In the Boys 17/18 Yrs 100m Butterfly, Sam Horrocks (City of Manchester Aquatics) took gold in an intensely close race finishing in 55.04 compared to Warrender Baths’ Daniel Wallace who finished in 55.10. Sam Van De Schootbrugge (Nova Centurion) followed closely behind, narrowly snatching bronze in 55.37.

The Girls 14/15 Yrs 100m Backstroke saw a close battle for the top three places, with all medallists finishing with within just over half a second of each other. Jessica Fullalove (City of Manchester Aquatics) took gold in 1:02.27, with Phoebe Lenderyou (City of Newcastle) and Charlotte McKenzie (F.I.R.S.T.) closely following with times of 1:02.55 and 1:02.80 respectively.

Team-mates Lauren Quigley and Emma Saunders (City of Manchester Aquatics) took gold and silver in the Girls 16/18 Yrs 100m Backstroke with times of 1:01.71 and 1:02.48 respectively. Bronze medal was won by Georgia Hohmann in a time of 1:02.90.

City of Liverpool’s Jordan Barlow powered through to take gold in the Boys 15/16 Yrs 200m Freestyle, touching in 1:52.58. Caleb Hughes of Hatfield came in a clear second with 1:53.77 and James Guy taking third in 1:54.33.

Boys 17/18 Yrs 200m Freestyle saw Ieuan Lloyd (City of Cardiff) take home his fourth gold medal in this meet, touching in 1:49.56.

“I’m happy to win but after the semi final I thought I could have gone faster,” said Ieuan “I always really enjoy the Youth Championships and I’d like to have a shot at being in the Olympic relay team next year.”

The silver went to Myles Crouch-Anderson (Northampton) with a time of 1:50.88 and bronze was taken by Gareth Mills (City of Leeds) who finished in 1:51.46.

Taking her second gold, Georgina Evans (City of Liverpool) swam in the Girls 14/15 Yrs 100m Breaststroke to finish in a time of 1:10.72. Battling for silver, Jodie Hawksworth (Derventio) touched in 1:11.30 to beat Sophie Taylor (City of Leeds) with her time of 1:11.55.

The Girls 16/18 Yrs 100m Breaststroke saw Danielle Lowe (Liverpool Penguins) add another medal to her collection after shooting into the lead and finishing in 1:10.66. Millfield’s Philippa Cochran snatched silver in 1:11.20 and Corrie Scott (East Kilbride) taking bronze in 1:11.31.

City of Derby’s Adam Peaty swam in a tight race to steal first place and the gold medal in the Boys 15/16 Yrs 100m Breaststroke with a time of 1:03.28. Alexander Murphy (Ealing) followed closely behind with a time of 1:03.51. Luke Howdle (Nova Centurion) took bronze in a time of 1:06.10.

Having just returned from the European Juniors, Craig Benson (Warrender) took his second gold in the Boys 17/18 Yrs 100m Breaststroke, touching in 1:02.53.

“I’m still not fully rested because I’m going to the World Youths in August, so it’s been pretty tough here” said Benson.

Xander Alari-Williams (Sevenoaks) touched in 1:03.66 to take silver with Thomas Litten (Rushmoor Ryl) taking bronze in 1:03.76.

Louise Watkin for City of Salford (S9) took gold with 865 points (1:04.11) in the Womens MC 100m Freestyle. Gemma Almond of Shrewsbury (S10) followed in second with 800 (1:06.14) and Emma Cattle of Team Luton (S10) took third with 785 points (1:06.55)

The Mens MC 100m Freestyle saw Sean Fraser of Warrender Baths (S8) take gold with 835 points (1:01.18), David Ellis (City of Manchester Aquatics, S13) finished with 802 points (57.21) to take silver and Oliver Hynd of Nova Centurion (S8) took bronze with 798 points (1:02.13).

As ever, the 50m Freestyle finals presented a series of tough races, the first of which seeing team-mates Ruta Meilutyte and Grace Vertigans (Plymouth Leander) take gold and silver in the in the Girls 14/15 Yrs 50m Freestyle with times of 26.05 and 26.09 respectively. Amelia Maughan (Millfield) took bronze, following closely with at time of 26.72.

Rebecca Guy (City of Manchester Aquatics) edged into first place in the Girls 16/18 Yrs 50m Freestyle, finishing just three-hundredths of a second faster than Hannah McCarthy in 26.10. McCarthy (Cheltenham) finished in 26.13 followed closely by Emma Saunders (City of Manchester Aquatics) with 26.49.

Similarly, Karl Morgan of Nova Centurion finished three hundredths of a second faster than Mohammed Ahmed (City of Coventry) with a time of 24.15 in the Boys 15/16 Yrs 50m Freestyle. Ahmed took silver in 24.18 with James Stanhope (Teddington) snatching bronze in a time of 24.24.

In the Boys 17/18 Yrs 50m Freestyle, Jamie Thorpe (City of Leicester) crept into the lead to win gold with a time of 23.22. Portsmouth Northsea’s Lloyd Young came in a close second with a time of 23.52 with Felix Samuels (Ealing) finishing just one-hundredth of a second slower in 23.53 for bronze.

The penultimate race saw the City of Manchester Girls Youth 4x100m Medley Team take home another gold in a spectacular effort. The team consisting of Jessica Fullalove, Rebecca Guy, Emma Saunders and Jessica Lloyd finished in a time of 4:13.17. Plymouth Leander narrowly missed out but took silver with a time of 4:15.18. Hillingdon took bronze in 4:15.44.

In an exciting final race, the Boys Youth 4x100m Medley Team saw an incredible win for Plymouth Leander A snatching gold medal right on the final touch from Warrender Baths A. The team of Joseph Patching, Joseph Parker, Daniel Jones and James Young finished in a time of 3:47.32, with Young narrowly beating Warrender’s Ryan Archibald who touched in 3:47.60. City of Manchester Aquatics finished in a respectful third with a time of 3:50.91.

The final presentations of the day were for the top performers of the week’s events. The winners are:

Top Female: Aimee Willmott
Top Male: Ieuan Lloyd
Top Female Club: City of Manchester Aquatics
Top Male Club: Plymouth Leander
Top Overall Club: City of Manchester Aquatics

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