Louth ‘Dolphins’ Swimming Club reaches 150 members

When the club was founded in September 1986, it had its base in an old pool in Victoria Road, Louth. The club grew steadily both in numbers and reputation thanks to the army of volunteers that have given their time over the years, and eventually was unable to accept any new swimmers due to the limits of pool time available to the club.

Louth ‘Dolphins’ competitive Swimming Club moved to their new home at The Meridian Leisure Centre in January 2010. With more pool time available at the new facility, the aim was to increase the club’s membership; this has recently topped the 150 mark and once again the club is full.

All squads are full to bursting; Skills, Development, Performance, Club and Masters, and our reputation in the County is fearsome; now knocking on the door of being the No 1 club in Lincolnshire.

The club is a rarity these days in that every coach, teacher, official, and poolside helper is a volunteer; every penny that comes in goes back into swimming progression and competition at the highest level, both home and abroad.

As part of this progression, the club has a massive drive on at this time for all poolside staff to have a recognised IOS (Institute of Swimming) qualification, as well as being suitably checked and trained in safeguarding & equity skills.

In addition, an innovative new approach is to be trialled shortly with the creation of a new squad – the ‘Pod Squad’ – being formed to provide new water time and a critical link between the Meridian Centre’s Water Wise lessons and the clubs waiting list.

This will provide Pod Squad swimmers with a 10 week structured training period with the swimming club coaches as an introduction to competitive swimming, and hopefully lead to a move into the Skills squad at the end of the 10 weeks.

“It’s not until you see the swimmers race that you appreciate that all the very hard work they do is helping them do something they enjoy.

The swimmers in our club are a magnificent example of dedication to a cause, a result of lots of people doing a huge amount of work without payment, and often without thanks“

 Steve Armstrong (Head Coach)

“Steve & I have been involved with the club for a very long time now, why? The club meets so many of life’s skills and ‘everyone’ involved with the club for whatever period of time will leave a better person from their involvement

The personal benefits to the youngsters who pass through the club, social as well as the physical are immeasurable and we'd like to think they have learnt many of these life skills along the way.  Whilst we will always be a competitive club, we must never forget what a positive influence we are to all these youngsters”

Bob Wells (Chairman)

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