Masters keep up the standard on the final day of Champs

31 October 2010

Britain’s best Masters swimmers kept up the standard on the final day of the British Gas ASA Masters and Senior Age Group Championships at Ponds Forge, continuing to put in great performances despite three days of heavy competition.

Great Britain Police’s 120+yrs relay team took no prisoners in the Mixed 800m Freestyle Team event, lowering the existing World record by nearly exactly eight seconds with their 8:30.70.

And the quartet of Matthew Adamson, Aimee Ramm, Teresa Dray and Brian Steatham were delighted with their achievement, especially as they had taken part in 10 relays across the three days.

“It’s a nice finish to the weekend,” said Dray. “When Matt put us in the lead we just felt obliged to keep it! And it was great to break it by eight seconds.”

Ramm added: “It was especially nice breaking a record that already stands.” “Especially considering we are full time workers with the police,” concluded Adamson.

And there was also an impressive new World Record in one of the oldest age groups, the 280+yrs team, as Spencer Swim Team lowered the old mark from 13:22.53 to 12:20.30 with the swims of Jean Howard-Jones, Diane Ford, Irving Dixon and Geoff Stokes.  

Otter 100+yrs age group team were able to set a benchmark World Record with their 8:37.61 in the Mixed 800m Freestyle and then lowered it for the Womens 400m Freestyle the same age group with 4:07.80.

Standards set early on

In the first event of the day – the Mens/Womens 800m Freestyle – there were three British Records.

Arthur Lowe (Birmingham Masters) had already taken the record in the 1,500m Freestyle for the 75-79yrs age group on the first day of competition, and easily added the 800m title to his medal haul. He finished in a new British record time of 13:33.59 , knocking nearly 40 seconds off the old mark.

“I’m quite happy with that.  I’ve been concentrating on technique rather than strength because your strength goes,” Arthur Lowe said.

“I’ve also been concentrating on staying a bit more focused on the race, especially with the longer races, and on not just breathing but really sucking in the air. I do a little bit of coaching of the children and we tell them to do that because that’s your energy in the water – so I’ve started to do that too.”

There was also a new British mark set by Duncan McCreadle (Maidenhead) in the Mens 65-69yrs age group in an impressive 10:36.99.

In the Womens race, Sarah Collings (Rushmoor Ryl) touched in 9:26.58 to take the British Record in the 30-34 age group.

In the Men’s 100m IM William Letch (Exmouth) took yet another British record for the 70-74yrs age group.  He managed to lower the previous mark by almost four tenths of a second with his 1:18.58. He later went on to take the Mens 50m Butterfly record for his age group with 33.59.

“I’m absolutely delighted with that,” Letch said. “After the costumes went I thought it was important for the older swimmers to build up their core strength so I’ve been doing a lot of pilates and yoga.”

David Warren (Otter) continued his good form from day two and set a new British mark with 2:07.68 in the 35-39yrs age group Mens 200m Butterfly.

While Judith Hattle (Hadrian Mast) finished in style. She set a new European standard in the 50-54yrs age group in 1:14.73 and equalled the British record in the Womens 50m Butterfly (31.10).

Relays continue to generate records

The relays continued to be rich pickings for records, and Trafford Metro’s 240+yrs age group team secured a new European and British record in the 240+yrs age group Mixed 200m Medley team with their 2:16.49.

Neville Barton said: “My team was brilliant! We knew we had a good chance at the record so we said just take it steady and keep it going. We’re lucky we’ve just moved into the 240+yrs category this year.”

Stockport Metro also took two British records in the Mens 200m Medley team. They clocked 1:43.07 in the 072+yrs age group.  And Ian Powell set a new British record for 50m Backstroke in the first leg, clocking 25.30.

Other records set on the final day were:

European Records
Barnett Copthall, 160+yrs age group, Mixed 800m Freestyle Team in 8:53.62.
Camphill Edwardians, 200+yrs age group, Mixed 800m Freestyle Team in 10:20.66.
Trafford Metro, 240+yrs age group, Mixed 800m Freestyle Team in 10:24.94.
Brighton Dolphin, 120+yrs age group, Mens 400m Freestyle Team in 3:44.32.
Trafford Metro, 160+yrs age group, Mens 400m Freestyle Team in 3:51.80.
Otter, 200+yrs age group, Mens 400m Freestyle Team in 4:05.24.
Otter, 240+yrs age group, Mens 400m Freestyle Team in 4:47.09.
Birmingham Masters, 280+yrs age group, Mens 400m Freestyle Team in 5:04.35.
Otter, 100+yrs age group, Womens 400m Freestyle Team in 4:22.51.
Barnett Copthall, 160+yrs age group, Womens 400m Freestyle Team in 4:24.54.
Trafford Metro, 200+yrs age group, Womens 400m Freestyle Team in 4:40.10.
Spencer Swim Team, 240+yrs age group, Womens 400m Freestyle Team in 5:19.26.
Spencer Swim Team, 280+yrs age group, Womens 400m Freestyle Team in 6:47.07.

British Records
City of Sheffield, 072+yrs age group , Women’s 200m Medley in 2:04.41.
Great Britain Police, 072+yrs age group, Mixed 800m Freestyle Team in 8:37.08.
Thomas Walker (Co Chester), 75-79yrs age group, Mens 200m Breaststroke in 3:28.99.
Frances Penwarden (Croydon Amph), 55-59yrs age group, Womens 200m Breaststroke in 3:05.87.
Elizabeth Bellinger (Out to Swim), 30-34yrs age group, Womens 50m Butterfly in 29.11.
Joanna Corben (Portsmouth N), 40-44yrs age group, Womens 100m Backstroke in 1:08.86.
Zichen Liu (Derventio), 17-24yrs age group, Mens 100m Backstroke in 54.92.
Derventio Excel, 072+yrs age group, Mens 400m Freestyle Team in 3:29.75.
Otter, 100+yrs age group, Mens 400m Freestyle Team in 3:56.77.
Kenilworth Masters, 072+yrs age group, Womens 400m Freestyle Team in 4:09.88.

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