Breathtaking swims on the final day of NAGS14

3 August 2014

The youngest age groups showed spectators how it’s done on the final day of the British Gas ASA National Age Groups swimming championships in Sheffield.

The 11/12 Yrs age groups for the Boys and the Girls 400m freestyle showed some real class, setting the standards for the rest of the afternoon.

The first final of the night was an incredible opening race. Maisie Macartney of Thanet Swim led for the whole event, getting 4:29.35 to get the gold, 12 seconds faster than her qualifying time in the heats.

 “I entered on a 37 and in my split in the 800 on Friday I split in a 4:38. Then in the heats I only went a 4:41 so I’m really pleased with that final,” said Macartney, who won the final from lane eight.

“I just tried to give that everything I have and not leave anything left. I knew the girl in the lane next to me is good so I tried to keep up with her at first because she went out really fast. Then I just tried to go as fast as possible and hold my pace – I don’t know how I did it!”

Leah Crisp from City of Leeds looked really strong and was in second right up until the last 25m, until her fellow club mate, CIara Schlosshan put in an incredible final burst to snag silver (4:30.73). Crisp touched in 4:21.02 to get Bronze.

I just tried to give that everything I have and not leave anything left" - Maisie MacartneyThe Boys 11/12 Yrs 400m Freestyle was also a great race. Charlie Hutchinson of Ellesmere College SC led in the final 50m, but Luan Grobbelaar of Baracudas RSA was catching with every stroke. It looked as though Grobbelaar took the lead in the last 5m, but a lunge from Hutchison to get the first touch was impressive, clocking 4:22.84 for gold.

Grobbelaar was literally a fingertip behind, touching 4:22.86 for the silver. Sean McNicholl of Hamilton UAE finished third for the bronze with a time of 4:29.39.

The Girls 13 Yrs 400m Freestyle gave us some solid swims to watch. Barnet Copthall’s Meghan Byrne was first to touch, clocking in a 4:23.58. Next to her in lane three, Rebecca Sutton of Bridgend City was only half a second behind, grabbing the silver medal. Caitlin Fearon from Sevenoaks SC was also very close, swimming 4:31.02 for her bronze finish!

The Boys 13 Yrs 400m Freestyle saw yet another fantastic swim from Ryan Retson of Falkirk Swimming Team who broke the British record for the Boys 13 Yrs 100m Freestyle on Day Four. He led for the entire race and finished on 2:10.81 for the gold medal.

Cameron Matthews from Hamilton UAE was in the second place position for the first few lengths, however at the last turn; Logan Davies of Torfaen Dolp overtook and swam a great 50m to get the silver (4:16.45). Matthews was a half second behind for bronze (4:16.98).

Holly Hibbott from Southport SC made yet another star appearance in the Girls 14 Yrs 400m Freestyle. She and Madeline Crompton of Stockport Metro kept pace with each other for most of the race, pulling further and further away from the other swimmers.

Millfield SC finished first, a full seven seconds ahead of Plymouth in the 4x100m medley team relay.In the last 25m Hibbott accelerated rapidly, putting over a second between her and Crompton to get the gold with (4:18.41). Crompton clocked 4:19.45 for her silver medal finish and it was Sarah Branch of Northampton SC who was awarded the bronze (4.22.35).

The final solo event for the evening saw Jakub Karl of Hamilton UAE swim a great time of 4:04.93, a clear leader in the Boys 14 Yrs 400m Freestyle. George Taplin of Hillingdon SC also swam a safe silver time of 4:06.48.

The battle was for third place. Both Nathan Hughes of Hatfield and Max Murphy from City of Milton Keynes were neck and neck down the last 25m, but it was Hughes to finally took the bronze podium finish with 4:08.46.

The first medley relay, the Girls 4x100m, saw Taunton Deane SC pull away for the first place finish with a great time of 4:21.43.  Plymouth Leander and City of Leeds were battling each other until the end, Plymouth girls finally getting the second place finish with 4:24.03. City of Leeds got the bronze medal with 4:25.24.

The Boys 4x100m Medley relay went a similar way to the girls. Millfield SC absolutely annihilated the competition, storming their way to the finish touching in 4:03.57, a full seven seconds ahead of Plymouth.

Plymouth Leander and Ealing SC were very close the whole last 50m, with Plymouth just stealing the silver position with their team time of 4:10.79. Ealing followed up in third for the bronze, just half a second behind Plymouth (4:11.26).

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