Clubs and pool operators can find out about potential swimmers in their area

7 Dec 2010

Pool operators and clubs can help get more people into the water thanks to a new online tool from Sport England. The interactive tool will help them to know more about their potential customers/members so they can target them in the right way.

In just a few clicks, club, councils and other providers can find out if local people are likely to swim – or would consider swimming or taking part in other aquatic activity.

The innovative tool brings together Sport England’s insight and research on sports participation, with the wealth of information held by Experian and the mapping excellence of Ordnance Survey.

Free and easy to use, Sport England’s Sports Market Segments web tool will help groups explore and map people's likely sporting habits within a particular street, community, local authority or region.

Sport England’s Chair, Richard Lewis, said: “We believe this simple online tool will help local clubs to get more people playing sport by ensuring they’re creating the right sporting opportunities for people in their communities.” 

Which sporting personality type are you?

The tool is based on 19 sporting personality types developed by Sport England to help understand attitudes to sport and motivations for doing it (or not).

For example, Elaine, an ‘empty nest career woman’ – she is a mid-life professional, who has more time for herself since her children left home. She goes swimming once a week.

We now also know what motivates her, what brands she aspires to, how we can overcome things that stop her taking part in sport and how to get her involved in sports she likes. From this groups can work out how to engage Elaine.

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