Coventry City Council Decides the Future of their 50m Pool

28 July 2014

The Amateur Swimming Association (ASA) has been working closely with Coventry City Council to shape the format of the new swimming pool that will be replacing the current 50m pool, to ensure that it meets the needs of the people of Coventry.

The ASA’s experience and all the evidence suggests that a flexible 50m pool together with modest leisure water provision, modern design and construction techniques would be the best option.

Such a pool can operate economically and flexibly and would encourage local people to swim more often and contribute significantly to public health in Coventry.

David Sparkes CEO of British Swimming commented "British Swimming has a long tradition of working closely with the city of Coventry and we firmly believe that the evidence that we have provided will lead the council to the solution offered by the ASA, which we are confident will provide them with the right pool in which to rebuild Coventry as the centre of Aquatics for the West Midlands region".

Our recommendations are based on what we believe to be the best solution for Coventry" -Ashley BeaveridgeAshley Beaveridge, Acting CEO of the ASA added. ‘The Amateur Swimming Association has been in discussions with Coventry City Council to offer advice regarding the future of the West Midlands only remaining 50m regional and national competition pool. Swimming is the country’s largest participation sport and ensuring that the people of Coventry have continued access to appropriate modern facilities that enable them to maintain a healthy, safe and active lifestyle is vital.'

"A new 50m pool would give the added benefits of enabling Coventry to host regional and national competitions and provide local swimmers with the opportunity to train to the highest level in the Sport. Our recommendations are based on what we believe to be the best solution for Coventry."

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