Lill selected for European development programme

28 Apr 2010
The ASA’s Lara Lill is one of only six participants from the UK to be selected onto the prestigious Women’s International Leadership Development Programme (WILD).

Run by the European Non-Government Sports Organisation (ENGSO), the 12-month WILD programme will provide training, career development and networking opportunities for women involved in sport from countries such as Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Hungary, Italy, Sweden and the UK.

Lill, ASA Head of Health and Participation, will be involved in a series of workshops, training seminars and parliamentary coordinated by CCPR European and International Officer James MacDougall with aims to;

• Increase representation by women in leadership positions in sport
• Build the competence and confidence of women in decision making positions
• Increase support among organisations for the contribution women can make to sports leadership
• Strengthen networking between women leaders both nationally and internationally
• Provide a platform for future national and international projects
• Share best practice via website, publications, seminars and international events

Lill’s work on the Health and Participation agenda will benefit from links to the other European countries providing opportunities to learn from countries such as Sweden who have a 94% sports participation rate.

The partnership with ENGSO, European Women and Sport (EWS), CCPR will help facilitate measures that can be brought back into the ASA and hopefully result in a road map for sporting activity throughout Europe.

Lill believes that her selection will help the ASA continue to grow bringing new ideas and strong networks.

“This is an exciting opportunity and I am absolutely delighted to be part of this programme,” said Lill.

“To be working alongside other countries in Europe and explore their sporting policies will be an invaluable experience.

“Through the Women’s International Leadership Development Programme I have become part of a strong network within the UK and by sharing ideas, best practice and expertise this can only be stronger for my work within the ASA.”

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