The ASA has given its support to the government’s Public Health Responsibility Deal

The ASA has given its support to the government’s Public Health Responsiblity Deal in a bid to ensure swimming and other aquatic activity is at the heart of creating a fitter and healthier Britain.

Launched on 15 March, the Public Health Responsibility Deal has been established to tap into the potential for businesses and other organisations to improve public health and tackle health inequalities through their influence over food, alcohol, physical activity and health in the workplace.

Five networks have been established, made up of interested parties, and these networks will consider the actions that can be delivered to enable and support people to eat healthy, be more active and drink responsibly. 

Each member organisation, including the ASA, has signed up to a group of pledges. The ASA's current pledges for physical activity are:

  • Pledge 1. We will use our local presence to get more children and adults more active, more often including engaging communities in planning and delivery.
    We have already demonstrated our commitment to getting more people active through our Health and Participation agenda. You can read about our plans in our health strategy document "Swimming - taking the plunge for a fitter lifestyle."
  • Pledge 2. We will contribute to the communication and promotion of the Chief Medical Officers’ revised physical activity guidelines.
    We will look to promote this by advocating aquatic activity in each of the ASA's eight regions.  We will also display these at our Sportpark headquarters for employee’s reference.
  • Pledge 3. We will promote and support more active travel (walking and cycling). We will set measurable targets for this health enhancing behaviour.
    The ASA offers its staff a discounted bicycle purchase scheme through the Government’s cycle to work scheme.
  • Pledge 4. We will increase physical activity in the workplace, for example through modifying the environment, promoting workplace champions and removing barriers to physical activity during the working day.
    We will continue to encourage an active workforce. We have British Gas Swimfit sessions scheduled on a weekly basis at Loughborough Leisure centre to provide instruction and access to the local pool for our staff, organised by a workplace champion. We have also signed up to the Leicestershire and Rutland Active Workplace scheme, which involves actively promoting activities within Sportpark to all employees.
  • Pledge 5. We will tackle the barriers to participation in physical activity faced by some of the most inactive groups in society.
    This will be undertaken through the aquatic plans within the regions. By mapping regional activity to the needs of the local area, specific activities can be organised in order to attract the inactive groups to swim.

The ASA will report annually to the Physical Activity Network to show the progress being made against the pledges.

Click here to read the government's letter of thanks for supporting the Responsibility Deal.

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