Video: ASA Chief Executive and Chairman answer your questions

“No, they are not a cash cow”, “it has a huge role to play”, and “it is all smoke and mirrors” are some of answers provided by ASA Chief Executive David Sparkes and Chairman John Crowther to website visitor questions. So, what were the questions? Read on to learn how to find out.

If you have ever wondered what Masters Swimming means to the ASA, the NGB’s views on the quality of diving facilities across England, or the role of online learning in the sport then you need to spend some time watching the video below.

In it ASA Chief Executive David Sparkes and Chairman John Crowther offer their views on a range of issues sent in by visitors. A full list of questions answered in the video can be read below. Thank you to everyone who sent in their questions.

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  • “All too often we see Age Group swimmers burn out. How many hours of good quality training do you think swimmers 12 to 14 should do a week?”
  • “There is a very widely held view that National Masters are seen by the ASA as a "cash cow". Please can you explain to the Masters population just what the value of the ASA is to Masters?”
  • “The teaching CPD courses I have attended tend to not include advances that are happening at the elite level. Why is this?”
  • “What role does online learning for teachers and coaches have to play at the ASA? How will this be achieved?”
  • “There is a complete lack of understanding by pool managers about what the National Plan for Teaching Swimming (NPTS) is hoping to achieve, and no support for teachers who hoped to see it implemented correctly. How can the ASA change this?”
  • “What can be done to get more local diving facilities, such as the one in Maltby in Rotherham? There are so many areas of the country without any diving facilities at all.”
  • “We have a growing swimming club in Lincolnshire but we simply cannot get sufficient pool time for our top swimmers. Any suggestions?”
  • “Now Free Swimming has ended, what exactly is the ASA doing to drive people into the pool?”
  • “What can we do to make swimming in this country as interesting and fun as it seems when you are on your holiday?”
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