21 Jul 2009
Over 800 children, teachers and parents became ambassadors and messengers to learn and pass on vital life-saving skills as they took part in the ASA’s annual Get Safe 4 Summer campaign.

Get Safe 4 Summer is run by the ASA (the National Governing Body involved in every component of swimming), in partnership with the Royal Life Saving Society and this event took place in East Lindsey, Lincolnshire, on Wednesday 1st July 2009.

The activity packed day used fun and famous sportsmen to get across important water safety messages and to highlight that swimming is the only sport that can save your life.

The children were treated to a number of dry and wet activities throughout the day.

On dry land the children were given the chance to learn resuscitation skills with the Royal Life Saving Society, practice the recovery position with St John Ambulance and take turns sitting in the lifeboat. In the Embassy theatre they were treated to powerful presentations by RLSS, RNLI, the ASA and Nick Robinson Baker and Sarah Price – Olympians of past and present.

When the children entered the water they were taught key lifesaving activities that included Reach and Rescue, HELP and HUDDLE and snorkelling. 

Key messages were given throughout the day and to aid their learning there was a fun quiz that all schools took part in and successfully achieved top marks.

To highlight other key areas to stay safe in the summer – partners including the Police and Community based projects were on hand to assist with the important messages of staying safe in and around the water, including the ‘SAFE’ code.

S: Spot the dangers. Whenever children are near water they should take extra care. They should look to see if the water is affected by currents or tides or if there are rocks, piers, groynes or breakwaters that may affect swimming. Children should also learn to look at what the general conditions are like in and out of the water.

A: Advice. Children should always try and always choose a place to swim where there are lifeguards and always take notice of safety information that may include warning or safety signs.

F: Friends. If children are going near water they should always go with a friend if they cannot be accompanied an adult. A friend could be able to get help if they get into trouble in the water.

E: Emergency. Children should never jump into water to rescue someone. A drowning person may be very strong and pull them under the water as well. Instead they should ring 999 or 112 and shout for help.

Melissa Wright, Business Development Officer for East Lindsey District Council said: “Get Safe 4 Summer was an excellent example of partner organisations working together to bring home the message of staying safe in the summer, and all year round.  

“It's aim was to teach safety in and around water to primary school children - and together with the ASA, Royal Life Saving Society and the RNLI, East Lindsey District Council sent out the message loud and clear to nearly 800 children plus teachers and parents.

“In the theatre, beach and our indoor and outdoor pools, children learnt the SAFE message, met Olympic and Commonwealth swimmers and took part in exciting life saving exercises. We were really fortunate to have the Police, NHS, Primary Care Trust, Coastguard and Skegness Amateur Swimming Club on hand to offer advice too!

“We are dedicated to ensuring that collectively we can keep children in our communities safe, whilst enjoying the weather and the water, and most importantly having fun!”

Mandy Mason from the ASA concluded: “I would like to thank everyone involved, particularly our partner the RLSS. You only had to look at the children’s faces to know they had succeeded in delivering the SAFE message in an enjoyable way.

“All of us at the ASA are passionate about keeping children safe in the water by promoting the National Plan for Teaching Swimming and delivering safety messages via Get Safe 4 Summer.”


For more information please contact Natalie Hassall on 01509 632238 or email

The ASA is the English National Governing Body for Swimming, Diving, Water Polo, Open Water, and Synchronised Swimming. It organises competition throughout England, establishes the Laws of the Sport and operates comprehensive certification and education programmes for Teachers, Coaches and Officials as well as its renowned Learn To Swim Awards scheme. The ASA supports 1,220 affiliated swimming clubs through a National/Regional/County structure. The ASA aims to ensure everybody has an opportunity to learn to swim.

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